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Serving up a healthy helping of good used books at Blue Plate Special prices.

We’ve Expanded!
Same address: 2257 Valley Avenue. We’re still behind the Dairy Queen & next to Jill’s Barbershop. We’ve recently added some storage space, then converted our Stock Room into a new Reference Room - increasing your selection!

Why is shopping at Blue Plate Books better|
than buying books on the Web?

- It’s much more fun to visit a real bookstore.
Relax while browsing our well stocked shelves. Slow down. Sit a while. No mouse clicking required.

We offer free samples. Read the actual words on the page of that book you’re planning to bring home. In fact, read page 42. If you like it, chances are you’ll enjoy the rest of the book.

Experience fewer book buying disappointments. Don’t settle for an electronic copy. Feel the book in your hands. Inspect it. Make sure it’s what you want - before you buy.

We’re probably just as cheap and have a lower hassle factor. No shipping costs. No waiting. No ‘that’s not what I ordered!’ or return shipping hassles. Look at a book, make a decision, then bring it home with you.

Locally owned & operated.Support your local bookstores! Recycle local books!

You just never know what you’ll find at a used bookstore...

 Come by for a visit. Save some money on that new book you wanted to read. Give a good used book a new home. Start or enhance your book collection. There are all sorts of reasons to stop by and browse Blue Plate Books.

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